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Electric Telescopic Platform/Drawer for UST Projectors

Available Now

Available now at MYR1,900

Intelligent Platform

NECTUNT X50 UST Laser Projector intelligent telescopic platform / drawer is designed to solve the problem of ordinary TV console not deep enough for laser projector to project image on the wall or screen.

Main feature of X50 is when you turn on the projector, the platform automatically turns on, driven by a motor to drive a rack and double slide rails that moves in parallel hence achieving precise positioning.

Equipped with industrial guide / slider, it ensure stable long-term operations.

Heavy Duty

Despite its thin profile, X50 can support projector weight up to 30kg.

Platform specifications

  1. -Platform size: 535 x 35 x 405mm

  2. -Loading capacity: 30kg

  3. -Operating Voltage: 12VDC, 1A

High Quality Finishing

Made from high quality materials, X50 can withstand long-term operations in environment with high humidity.

Supported Projectors

Support 99% of any brand of UST projectors

Packing & Weight

- Packing sizes & gross weight:

  735 x 115 x 480mm, 10.5kg

Intelligent 4th Gen Processor

X50 comes with intelligent Electronic Limit Position memory Function. With this function, you can set the precise desired position according to your screen size.


Slim Design

Ultra slim profile at only 3.5cm give X50 a very elegant look when placed on top of your TV console.


X50 were tested over 100,000 cycles of ON/OFF switching to ensure that margin or error is less than 1mm.


X50 were tested over 100,000 cycles of weight load test to ensure its stability.

Extended locking bracket

Installation mode

1. For installation on top of the TV console, L bracket faced down

2. For installation on the wall, L bracket installed faced up,

3 holes position on top

2 holes position below

2 holes position on top

3 holes position below

Product Measurement

Unit: mm

Closed Position

Extended Position 210 (405-615)

Adjusted L Bracket 160 (405-775)

Adjusted L Bracket must

stabilized on surface of 565