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M&K Movie 5.1 Cinema System

Saves on space, not on sound.

The “Movie 5.1 system” supplies with minimum space requirements

excellent home theater sound

This system makes it a real recommendation not only for beginners. In particular in its specialized field of film sound playback, the compact surround set plays big. Atmospheric scenes dominated the thrilling as well as fast-paced action scenes, always paired with a crystal-clear dialogue reproduction.

The K50 front speakers are only 85 millimeters thick and can easily mounted on the wall. Together with the K40T Tripole surround speakers and the V8 Movie active subwoofer, they form a powerful Home Cinema set in your living room.

Sold as set, delivered in one box consisting of:

  1. -3 x K50 speakers

  2. -2 x K40T Tripole speakers

  3. -1 x V8 Movie subwoofer

  4. -Wall brackets

Now retailed at MYR9,900

Now Available
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V12 now retailed at MYR6,900

Now Available