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We are experienced Audio Visual Solution Provider serving Commercial, Educational and Home Entertainment. Ever since the introduction of high definition (HD) video since early 2000 , high definition video continue to evolves from resolutions of 720p until today’s 4K UHD (3840 x 2160p) resolutions.

With more and more service provider be it Satellite TV or On-Line streaming releasing more 4K UHD (Ultra-High Definition) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, it has sparked the demand for equipment that are able to support 4K UHD content. Major TV players are aggressively releasing their own 4K UHD TVs ranging from 4K LED TV, 4K OLED TV, QLED TV or even Nano LED TV just to name a few to differentiate among themselves. Each offer their own TV sizes with the biggest size available is up to 98 inch.

Even though the size can reach the size of 98 inch (the biggest TV commercially available now), the price of owning one does not come cheap at this point of time.

Realizing the growing demand for affordable mega size screen, many of the players switched to Ultra-Short Throw (UST) Laser Projector or Laser TV (depending on how they classified it). One of the biggest advantage of UST Laser Projector compared to normal TV is that it can delivery mega size screen of up to 150 inch without the loss of video quality. For the price lower than 85” TV, UST Laser Projector can achieved up to 150 inch.

VIQMAX in recognizing the trend and demand for the UST Laser Projectors, we have formed strategic partnership with CHIQ (A subsidiary for Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd) for their UST Laser Projectors to deliver the 4K UHD viewing experience to our customer for commercial, educational as well as home user.

To further enhanced the viewing experience, we also formed a very special partnership as the Exclusive Sole Distribution Channel for Vividstorm Inc. A well-known brand for Electric Tab-Tension Ambient Light Rejection Screen for Malaysia.

Through cutting edge technology and design, our factory are able to produce Viqmax Ultra High Contrast Fixed Frame ALR Screen for UST projectors that ensure our esteem customers experience the highest picture quality.

We are one of the pioneer in Malaysia that offer a complete solution for combining UST Laser Projector, ALR Screen and modern lifestyle audio system.